Important CAD Software Tips to Consider

Posted by: Admin | Posted on: November 12th, 2012

CAD stands for computer aided design and it is defined as the process in which the designs and prototypes of the different components are created by using the computer systems. Every small or big technical project needs a well drafted technical drawing prior to its start. The project needs to be well represented in the virtual form so as to confirm it as a final drawing for the real physical project. CAD software is the design software which consists of the necessary tools in order to develop models and prototypes of various project designs.

CAD or computer aided design software can be defined as a modelling tool, which is used to design various architectural design structures, mechanical structures and electrical structures etc. This particular software is used by the engineers, architects and the designers in order to design the three dimensional designs of the various objects. There are various benefits being associated with the CAD software. The software helps in developing accurate designs and that too in a very less interval of time. In this way, the engineers and designers are being able to save a substantial amount of time and thereby increase their productivity.

The AutoCAD software is developed by the renowned company named Autodesk, which is a leading organization dealing in the three dimensional engineering, design and entertainment software. The latest version of the software developed by the company is AutoCAD 2013. This particular version of the software is packed with some powerful and flexible features, which makes it one of the most efficient 2D and 3D design software. The software comes with a user friendly interface and a customizable command line display for delivering the users with enhanced working experience.

Some CAD Software Tips

  • Use the migration tools for maximum efficiency: With the help of the migration tools, you can move your customized menus and settings from the older version of AutoCAD to the newly installed version. You can migrate the toolbar icons, profiles, command shortcuts, linetypes and menus to the latest version of your software.
  • Get personalized support and training: To get personalized support and training services, make sure that you buy the software from an authorized Autodesk reseller. You can get detailed information about the various support options by visiting the Autodesk website.
  • How to get automatic panning: When at the time of using a selection window, you can’t see the whole of the drawing; then hold down the pick button for the first corner of the window and drag the cursor to the edge of the screen at the same time. Do that until you get the whole view and release the pick button thereafter.
  • How to check for the available service packs: In case the AutoCAD owner Autodesk releases any software service pack, it can easily be installed using the Autodesk Exchange feature given in the software. You have the check the Autodesk Exchange window in order to see whether an update is available or not. Most of the present versions of the software automatically prompt you in case of an available update. You just have to click the link and the update will automatically get downloaded.