AutoCAD 2012 New Features and Their Significance

Posted by: Admin | Posted on: November 12th, 2012

AutoCAD is a software product launched by Autodesk, an industry leader in the development of engineering software tools. The software is very helpful in visualizing, designing and simulating an idea in a better way before turning it into reality. The AutoCAD software is very efficient and popular software being used by the architects, engineers, designers, CAD technicians and the project managers. The software is being implemented in various industries such as the civil industries, manufacturing industries and electrical industries etc.

There are various versions of the software out there in the market. In this particular article, we will discuss about the exclusive features that are provided in the AutoCAD 2012 version. We will compare between the 2012 version and the older AutoCAD 2011 version and would see the updates made in the newer version.

The features of the software can be classified under various subgroups such as User Interaction features, Design Exploration features, Documentation features, Connection features and the Customization features. Below are the new features in details that are present in AutoCAD 2012.

User Interaction features

  • Auto-complete command entry: This new feature helps in accessing the commands more easily. As the user types in the command prompt, the software automatically completes the entry with a command alias.
  • Delete duplicate objects: There is an OVERKILL command, which is used to delete the duplicate objects and combines any overlapping lines and arcs. It helps in minimizing errors and in the significant savings of time.
  • Content explorer: The content explorer is a tool which helps in totalling the design contents present in the different folders. It is used to index the various contents and to search for the contents in the local folders. This helps in quicker access to all the essential files.
  • Associate arrays: This feature is very useful both for the 2D documentation and the 3D modeling. With the use of this tool, users can create single or multiple levels of array objects.

Design Exploration features

  • Editable UCS icon: By the help of the UCS icon provided in the AutoCAD 2012, users can move and rotate the coordinate systems with ease.
  • In-canvas viewport controls: This tool provides access to preconfigured and customized model views and the views settings. It is also used to change the visual styles.
  • Inventor fusion: It adds to the 3D conceptual design capabilities of AutoCAD and sets a new standard for the professional 3D modelling.

Documentation features

  • Base and projected views: Users can create base and projected views of the objects in AutoCAD 2012.
  • Blend curves: Users can create blend curves which provide simple methods for manipulating curves.
  • Copy array: The Copy tool of AutoCAD 2012 is provided with a new array option which enables the user to create a linear non-associative array.

Connection features

  • DWG convert: The AutoCAD 2012 is featured with a DWG converter which helps to convert the DWG files to PDF, JPG, DWF and DXF files etc.
  • IGES, CATIA, Rhino, Pro/Engineer, and STEP import: The AutoCAD 2012 supports the loading of the 3D models in these particular formats.
  • AutoCAD WS: This is a web and mobile application provided in the AutoCAD 2012 software and it helps in viewing, editing and sharing the DWG drawings through a mobile device.

Customization features

  • Migration reset: By the help of the migration tools, users can easily migrate custom settings and can also set the default settings in the software.
  • Multiple plot file search paths: This is an exclusive feature by the help of which multiple plotters can be configured.