AutoCAD 2012 New Features Simplifies Tasks and Enhances User Experience

Posted by: Admin | Posted on: December 15th, 2012

AutoCAD is one of the world’s leading computer aided design software tool supporting both the two dimensional and three dimensional designs. It is a very powerful tool which helps in maximizing the productivity by effectively streamlining the design workflows and the documentation programs.

The AutoCAD 2012 comes with certain new features and enhancements in comparison to the earlier version and lets the designers and drafters to design and document the drawing more accurately and efficiently. The following sections discuss the new features present in the AutoCAD 2012.

New Arrays: Major modifications in the arrays were being made in this version. Associated arrays have been in troduced. There are three commands for Rectangular array, Path array and Polar array. In the associative arrays, items are contained in a single array object as opposed to the non-associative arrays, in which the items in the array are created as independent objects.

The associative arrays help in quickly propagating any changes throughout an array by maintaining the relationships between the items. There is also a new array tab for editing arrays. Three dimensional arrays are also present with the Array command.

BLEND command: The BLEND command is used to create splines between the lines, polylines, helixes, arcs and the elliptical arcs. It is possible to control the bulge of the curve using the Continuity option.

Fillet and Chamfer preview: Now; even after completion of a fillet or chamfer, if users find the radius wrong; then they don’t have to redo it completely. With the preview properties, users now get a preview of the fillet or chamfer before they want to commit it. Users can now confirm and make modifications in the radius before committing, if they find anything wrong.

Hatch Creation Tab: The Hatch creation tab makes hatching much easier. When a user executes the Hatch command, s/he will be asked for an internal point. The Hatch creation tab is used to make dynamic changes in the designs. Users just need to move the cursor over the eligible area and it will show how the hatch would look like.

Content Explorer: With the help of the Content Explorer, users can search an all-inclusive range of content such as blocks, styles, layers and attributes etc. Content Explorer has the capacity to search for thousands of files by using the Seek web service of Autodesk, in a much faster way than the Design Center. Moreover, users can easily filter the contents and switch them between detail views and the thumbnail views. Users can directly drag content to the current drawing from the Content Explorer.

Multi-functioning grips: In the AutoCAD 2012 version, multifunctional grips have been added to different objects. In AutoCAD 2011, the grips were only present for the polylines. But in 2012, grips are added to lines, dimensions, arcs, elliptical arcs, edges, 3D faces, and vertices in 3D.

Polylines have the extra grips to perform editing in an easier way. Users can get access to various editing options such as ‘stretch’, ‘convert to arc/line’ and ‘add or remove vertex’ by just hovering over a grip.