Reverse Engineering

3D CAD Services India has been providing services specializing in various areas of enterprise CAD/CAM development, Reverse Engineering Services and Design, Enterprise Engineering Integration Services and others. We provide complete life-cycle support for each and every project that we handle.

Reverse Engineering is an important process through which any existing product is modified after proper analysis of its design and details. It helps in making 2D drawings, 3D models and assemblies from existing manufactured models. The methods are often used for duplicate parts design.

Reverse Engineering services are commonly used whenever there is a need for design changes or duplicate part design, or some new part needs o be fit into already existing assembly. We intend to offer an amazing array of reverse engineering services to our clients located all over the world.

Benefits of choosing us

  • 100% CAD data services according to the original design of the object
  • Precision of design of new parts that fit the legacy parts
  • Accuracy of 3D modeling for performance
  • Duplicate plastic molds and tooling
  • RE-design and cloning of product without any mechanized defects
  • Manufacturing diagrams for production and prototyping
  • CAD data for different machine parts, components, or molds
  • Reduced time of production, resources and costs

We offer Reverse Engineering services like:

  • 3D White Light Scanning
  • Rapid Prototyping Model
  • Mould Making
  • Duplicate Parts Production
  • 3D Laser Scanning & Digitiging
  • CAD Conversion Services

We assure you excellent of quality and range of services for design and development f miniature toy models and vehicles.

We also provide an array of services based on Solaris, UNIX and NT platforms. We use established tools and technologies that cover an entire project, starting from planning, designing to development and the final testing.

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