Why we are giant in outsourcing?

Posted by: Admin | Posted on: November 12th, 2012

A number of companies in all sorts of sectors are turning towards outsourcing of various kinds of services.  Recent surveys and research exhibits astonishing data regarding the increase in outsourcing companies and services. It is also widely acknowledged that almost all sort of industries or companies have been influenced by this phenomenon of outsourcing and it is literally trending, gradually making an impact on world economy as well. Outsourcing is also helping developing nations to get more business and foreign exchange from developed countries. In an all, outsourcing is a healthy phenomenon ruling the corporate and industries.

Among all the prime industries which make major contribution to the world economy, Information Technology sector has been mostly influenced by outsourcing. In year 2007, it was 315 million US dollars for India only. IT sector has adopted outsourcing in a massive level and are providing colossal projects. 3D CAD Services India is a prominent company which has been a big player in this sector and is considered a giant in the same.

3D CAD Services India provides a diverse range of services in the CADD industry covering all major domains like2D Drafting, 3D Modelling, Designing to Animation and Walkthroughs. We have clients from all trades of engineering and architecture and we believe in providing international standard quality product.

Though we make full efforts to enhance the cost-effectiveness, we also make sure that no compromise has been made in the quality.

There are a number of reasons for which 3D CAD Services India is considered a major giant in the outsourcing of IT services:

  • We have years of experience and have completed hundreds of projects in CADD.
  • We use high technology and latest techniques to accomplish the task. Use of latest software not only increases the quality but also help in lowering the cost.
  • We have a team of highly proficient experts who are talented as well as creative with their work. Apart from technical a perfectly coordinated management keeps a tab over the ongoing projects and assignments.
  • Our clientele includes clients from all over the globe including US, Canada, Europe and Australia as well.
  • Project cost options at our organization are flexible and client is free to choose as per his requirements.
  • We have batches of employees who work in shifts which results in a never ending work process. That is we work 24X7.
  • Be it a voluminous task or a small job, we know the intricacies and secrets to handle both of them effectively.
  • Our team spends considerable time in understanding clients’ needs.
  • We have our offices located in major cities which promise better work force and better exposure.
  • We have a unique approach towards the work which produces enhanced quality outputs.
  • We try to maintain complete transparency between the company and the clients to ensure your cent percent satisfaction.
  • Our ongoing customer support is always ready to assist you regarding anything.

The aforementioned reasons let 3D CAD Services India become a global Giant in the sector IT and CADD services.