The Importance of Shop Drawings in Project Design

Posted by: Admin | Posted on: November 12th, 2012

Fundamentally, the shop drawings can be defined as the drawings developed to describe various aspects of an architectural or a product’s construction such as the size, shape, plans, elevations and the materials used etc. These drawings are made by the engineers and the designers, and are used by the fabricators in order to build the practical physical model.

The Need of Shop Drawings

The shop drawings are the basic construction documents that are needed for the building and installation of the parts in the real time. Without these drawings, it is impossible to draft a particular design and thus it is not possible to build the actual project. Effective shop drawings give rise to accurate building projects.

Effective shop drawings can be developed by the correct coordination between the engineers, fabricators and the contractors. After the drawings are approved by the engineers and architects, then only they can be implemented in the practical designs.

Along with the dimensions, various fabrication instructions are also being represented in the shop drawings such as the manufacturing conventions and the symbols relating to the installations etc.

Shop Drawing Services

The shop drawings are being used in the building and construction of a wide varieties of projects. The various types of drawing services offered by the agencies are:

  • Drawings for mechanical, electrical and plumbing projects.
  • Ductwork fabrication drawings.
  • Drawings for HVAC piping.
  • Drawings of air handling units and Millworks.
  • Steel and sheet metal shop drawings.
  • CAD shop drawings.
  • Architectural woodworking shop drawings.
  • Cabinet shop drawings.

Shop Drawing Softwares

  • AutoCAD: The AutoCAD structural detailing software is used for developing the shop drawings and for the structural detailing. In addition to lines and curves, the software has various intelligent drawing tools such as the reinforcement bars, beams, columns and walls, so as to develop innovative virtual designs.
  • Adobe Illustrator: Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics drawing program and is used to create object oriented shop drawings. The drawings can be saved in various file formats in this particular software.
  • Tekla Structures: This software includes a central database of various drawing tools for the creation of effective shop drawings. Automatic updating or modifications in the drawings are being made possible by the help of this software.
  • VectorWorks: VectorWorks is an efficient software for the shop drawings. Along with the creation of drawings in 3D, it is also possible to create databases and spreadsheets in the drawing files.
  • Microstation: Microstation is also an effective software for undertaking various types of drawings such as shop drawings, general arrangement drawings, scale drawings and concrete detailing etc.
  • Auto Desk Revit: Auto Desk Revit is also a very good tool for creating the shop drawings.

Advantages of Shop Drawings

Shop drawings are a necessity for all types of industries. Here are the advantages associated with the accurate shop drawings:

  • It is easy to predict the performance of the building structures at an early stage.
  • It is easy to practically implement the best construction techniques.
  • It is very helpful in eliminating the errors associated with the designs.
  • It helps in time saving and efficiency of the projects.