Tekla Structure Steel Detailing Services

Posted by: Admin | Posted on: January 19th, 2013

Tekla structures change ideas into projects. Ideas are converted into accurate 3D structural models that simulate a real world structure. These models cover fabrication, erection and construction management using Tekla software for Building Information Modeling(BIM).Tekla structures or Xsteel, as it was previously called, is an abbreviation of Finnish words Teknillinen laskenta, meaning ‘technical computation’.

Right from the conceptual design to construction, Tekla structures help to analyse designing, drawing and detailing in a single integrated process. Tekla structures models work with a central database. So, all the drawing/reports are derived from and stay linked to the model. That is how they get updated automatically.

The file sizes of Tekla models are small. This is achieved by highly efficient data structure and also by storing drawings in separate files rather than within the model file itself, which only consists of a list of the drawings.


These accurate 3D models provide:

• Project collaboration during the whole work flow: from design to construction.
• Accurate shop and erection drawings and reports.
• Allows multiple detailers to collaborate and update the model at various at various stages of the building lifecycle.
• Ensures freedom from errors during fabrication and erection phases.
• Tekla structures show the building as if it were already built.
• Library of intelligent components like clip angles, end plates etc. are used to model these 3D structures automatically along with required changes.
• Company specific settings can be stored for future use in various projects.
• Save costs and delays in time schedule if any revisions are made in the original model or drawings.
• Related components automatically update to changes and automatic clash checking brings out possible conflicts.


Working with Tekla Structures BIM(Building Information Modeling) software is the most advanced and integrated way to manage detailing, fabrication and erection of all steel structures. It is an ideal solution for commercial buildings, industrial plants, bridges, transmission towers, sports stadiums, off-shore platforms and jackets, pre-engineered buildings and miscellaneous steel work.

Tekla structures software ensures that all project managers, production managers, purchasing departments receive reliable project information during fabrication process. Tekla structures software allows to generate field bolt lists, add status information to project reports and plan truck load deliveries etc.

Key benefits of Tekla structures for the steel industry include

• Winning more tenders through accurate estimation.
• Creating dynamic sales presentation models for powerful visualization capabilities.
• Effective, high-quality detailing.

Project communication is faster and more accurate using the Tekla model rather than marked up drawings. Information can be shown graphically to create a better understanding of overall status. Thus, working with Tekla software is the most advanced and integrated way to manage detailing, fabrication and erection of all steel structures.