Structural 3D Modeling : 3D Construction Model

Posted by: Admin | Posted on: February 27th, 2013

Structual  3D ModelsWhen technology intervenes, things become simpler. From initial submission of shop drawings to the current practise of using enhanced methods for review and approval of shop drawings, the structural steel detailing industry has come a long way. Thanks to 3D modeling software which has simplified the monumental review work for each project.

Welcoming 3D Construction Model:

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), BIM (Building Information Model) and Sustainability are important factors in any building project today. This has felicitated 3D model-based review workflows and the impeccable synergy has enabled speedy and efficient review and approval of structural steel shop drawings.

Ringing In The New:

The shop drawings are submitted in electronic form in a file format. This paperless structural steel shop drawing review renders a better sustainable project delivery method leading to better collaboration with the construction team. This is actually a Shop Model Review (SMR) in which the model is approved for fabrication rather than the drawings. This encourages sharing of information between design and construction teams and also saves much effort, time and money.

Thus, the overall productivity of Steel detailers has certainly gained momentum. The time and energy taken for review and approval of shop drawings has decreased. Parameters such as structural assemblies  and other design attributes like geometry and material properties etc. are scrutinized. The specifications and Code enumerated by American Institute of Steel Construction(AISC) for steel fabricator and EOR(Engineer-Of-Record) are also given due significance during review of shop drawings.

Embracing Model Review:

The Structural Industry is drifting to Model review gradually. The change is not very drastic as it requires that the design and construction teams are trained and educated for optimum utilisation of useful tools available.

Different case studies can also be mentioned and compared to understand the road travelled and the future course of application so as to get the statistics right. There is no doubt that in future, shop  model review process is all set to replace use and review of traditional drawings.

Some important reasons are mentioned below:

•    The entire data can be stored in a single database.
•    Reduction in use of printers and copiers. This saves time and money both.
•    Separate drawing log for management and approval of drawings is not required.
•    Total collaboration between designers and construction team members for streamlined project completion.
•    Faster approval which enables faster progression towards fabrication and erection.
•    The entire project completion time reduced significantly.


The future beckons use of  Model Review and total replacement of drawings. It is a  gradual march towards efficiency as regards project completion and client satisfaction. And if you believe that time is money, this Model review saves both and serves both — your business needs and the client’s interest!