Importance of Civil Engineering Drafting and Design

Posted by: Admin | Posted on: December 11th, 2012

Drafting and designing are an inevitable part of the civil engineering. Drafting is a type of graphic communication, which is used to translate ideas and concepts into workable plans.

Drafting is normally performed by using software known as the computer aided drafting systems. In the process; the engineers, designers and the architects provide the respective idea and sketches of the projects to the drafters. The drafters then utilize the detailed information to produce the workable plans for the practical development of the project.

Course Details of Drafting and Design Technology

Candidates who want to make a career in the architectural and the constructional field can choose civil engineering, drafting and design technology or any related field of energy in order to get the required professional training and education. In the above courses, the main focus is given to the computer aided drafting techniques.

In addition, students get access to a wide range of concepts such as geometric constructions, orthographic sketching, orthographic projection and sectioning, multiview projection, foundation plans, site plans and floor plans etc.

The course also includes electrical and electronics drafting and design. The electrical drafting includes electrical lines and symbols, drawings of lighting controls, transmission networks, generators and, heating and cooling components. The electronic drafting includes the schematic drawings, wiring connection diagrams, ladder schematics, industrial electronic diagrams and the flow block diagrams etc.

The drafting and design technology is a specialized branch which consists of subjects like CAD methods, building information modeling concepts, sustainable design concepts, rapid visualization techniques, parametric modeling and three dimensional modeling concepts.

The students availing this course get access to the CAD laboratories, which are equipped with the computers, design software and tools. The candidates regularly use the drafting tools such as the portable drafting boards, drafting instruments and calculators in order to develop highly accurate drafts and designs.

Job Profile of Drafting and Designing Professionals

The professionals in this field are called as the drafters, who are employed directly by the construction companies. The drafters also work independently. The drafters undertake a number of steps in designing a particular building model.

The various stages in designing a model are preliminary design studies, space planning, initial working drawings, final design considerations, and completion of working drawings.

The preliminary design studies start when the budget information is being set for a particular project. In this phase, the project sites are being investigated and discussions are being conducted with the clients.

The preliminary drawings are generally prepared in two stages such as the bubble drawings and the scaled sketches. The bubble drawings are the freehand sketches which exhibits the relationships between the different space locations of a building project. After a satisfactory layout is obtained, this is converted to the scaled sketches.

Good drafting skills are required in order to develop all the accurate drawings. After the preliminary phase, the working drawings are prepared. These drawings exhibit the finishing materials to be installed in the building models. A drafter plays a vital role in developing the working drawings with the utmost accuracy. Finally, the completed working drawings are implemented for practical construction purpose.