What are MEP Coordination Services?

Posted by: Admin | Posted on: November 12th, 2012

For any building there are two different trades of engineering which acts upon to complete the project. The first one is the civil engineering and mechanical engineering which raise the basic structure (steel, concrete, false ceilings etc) and finishes it. It includes everything from planning, mapping, designing, constructing and finishing.

However, just a basic structure doesn’t suffice the purpose of a building. Since it is to habituate people, it should be in resonance with the needs of humans. So to make a building liveable the other trades of engineering like electronics engineering, HVAC duct design, electrical engineering, pipe-work engineering etc comes into play. Evidently the two groups of engineering require a flawless coordination without which everything will undeniably fail.

Hence for a sustainable coordination among all these building services, MEP Coordination services are employed. These services are developed in a virtual 3D environment with all engineering discipline for better visualization and analysis. The three dimensional virtual environment also allows you to make correction and changes at the later stages which makes it much more handy and flexible.

By using MEP Coordination services, clients are entitled to the following advantages:

  • These services affirm that there are no conflicts in the project. However this can also be validated very easily by using advanced clash detection technology.
  • Unlike the traditional 2D CAD Drawings, it allows the client to represent and express all mechanical components precisely. Eventually it is also ensured that critical issues are seen and resolved before getting plugged to main site.
  • It inhibits site related delays and conflicts because every service has been checked already to function properly inside the building.
  • It allows fluent communication because the three dimensional model can be viewed and walked through very easily for value, review, demo engineering.
  • It let you enjoy quicker approval or sign off relative to two dimensional drawings. The three dimensional model let the clients to view comprehensive areas in a 3D surrounding which is evidently far better than 2D surrounding.
  • It allows any number of sections, views and detailed drawings to be produced conveniently and at a rapid rate.

It must be noted that all the models prepared are according to structural and architectural needs, they must obey all engineering standards and constraints. The latest 3D MEP modelling software along with the advanced clash detection technology helps you to ensure that all the standards are being followed. Avoiding to cross-check this aspect is playing with the safety of the building and the safety of people living in it. Extremely skilled and experienced professionals are required to accomplish the intricate projects of MEP coordination.

MEP coordination services are widely used in the following construction projects:

  • Plant rooms.
  • Building risers.
  • Pre-fabricated corridor.
  • Ceiling modules for healthcare, education, entertainment.
  • Commercial and mixed use projects.

Hence, MEP Coordination services have a very major application in the sector of construction and architecture. No building, irrespective of its size and variation in purpose, can be completed without employing adequate MEP coordination services.