AutoCAD MEP 2013 – Introduction with Some Stimulating Features

Posted by: Admin | Posted on: December 8th, 2012

There is no doubt that lots of people across the world wait eagerly for the Autodesk product, and AutoCAD® MEP isn’t an exception for sure. When it comes to the next release a software product, enthusiasts will always be excited. With a great excitement, Autodesk product enthusiasts await for the rollout of Autodesk’s new releases.

If you take a glimpse at the history of AutoCAD releases, it has served a purpose to its users with its every released version. If we talk about latest AutoCAD 2013, it shows major improvements in various important areas. This new update also brings something for those who upgrade this product with their subscription plan.

AutoCAD MEP 2013 comes with the latest set of tools, which is beneficial to those users who don’t want to buy this newly released product. This latest features are absolutely impressive and it’s definitely going to drive you leave the old version. New enhancements will improve typical commands in AutoCAD MEP.

Universal Piping Connector

The latest tool ‘Universal Piping Connector’ is definitely going to drive people crazy. This feature is available on all piping systems including plumbing, piping, electrical conduit, and etc. Once you use this latest feature at the pipe’s end, you can connect this system to any other MEP pipe or conduit. It means the compatibility issue has been resolved. The pipe system goes well with all products such as AutoCAD® Civil 3D® 2013, AutoCAD® Architecture, Plant3D, and much more. It helps people transfer their drawing easily.

Developing symbols within MVParts using multi-planes is also an amazing experience with this latest product. Since AutoCAD has transformed into open-source, people have started making their own routines and techniques to make their life better and to produce smart drawings. Furthermore, a user can also create a 3D block and decide what they want to show end users.

User can define front, left, and top symbols independently in Content Builder with this latest 2013 release. This is going to change the scenario somewhat for users who use their MVPart listing to fill areas which are being live divide up. And when it comes to a vertical live section, MVPart really hits the home run. User can also add “revolved” geometry in Content Builder.

AutoCAD MEP 2013 also replaces Multiple Fittings, which is one more significant change. In previous version, the user had to select each setting to replace all. The latest version eliminates all fuss. You can easily redefine the all fittings by selecting together, using the “replace fitting” command. Once you apply the command, you need to confirm each change and there you go.

Good news for MEP trades users is that a user can link Routing Preferences of an object to its system definitions. It means the routing preference will change along with the change in the object. Unlike previous versions, the radius of an elbow is aligned to the inside arc in 2013.

With “Geometry Sharing” feature, you can work on your model constantly while it redevelops. It recognizes the area of the sketch you are working on, and will work ahead (or backward) correctly.

New and upgraded Migrate Custom Settings tool is something which is going to get noticed by every user. Using with tool, you can migrate your profile, including catalogues, tool palettes, PGPs, etc. from earlier versions.

Overall, AutoCAD 2013 is definitely going to help you save a lot of time and provide simplicity to use.