Marching forward with BIM

Posted by: Admin | Posted on: February 14th, 2013

Revit BIM ServicesToday BIM has become an integral part of AEC(Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry. Today, for a building project, collaboration across various disciplines is an inevitable factor.

For Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), the project information is shared by all team members who constantly look into diverse aspects of the project. The iterative process of analyzing electrical design, fire protection and mechanical systems or even day lighting and energy analysis, continue throughout, starting from design phase to construction phase.

However, all these inputs, errors and changes etc. are carried out on the virtual models. As there is only one database or a number of interlinked databases, each team member is kept informed about latest developments.

Use of BIM extends throughout the project lifecycle. Any change in an object will mean that all other dependent parameters will also change automatically.

Work is completed at a faster pace as all team members work simultaneously across various concerned disciplines. Tracking, reporting and other simultaneous information exchanges are rendered much easier. Accuracy and efficiency become a part of work when working with BIM.

Any constraints of budget, manpower or schedules can be taken care of by iterating through various stages of design and development. Errors are diluted and innovative ideas and new designs options get a platform to be tested and incorporated subsequently with required improvements. On-site wastage of materials, time and energy can be minimized.

Think of any complex design and you can deliver it using BIM.BIM helps you to design and construct in the virtual world and aids you to showcase your impeccably designed structures in the real world!

NBS (National BIM Survey) claims that around 31% of professionals in construction industry are using BIM today with clients insisting on BIM as it will give them advantage of costs and better co-ordination between team members working on the project.

BIM has bagged rave reviews from Europe, France, The Netherlands, North America, South Korea etc. There is an Institute of BIM in Canada(IBC). In the year 2012, a report was published by McGraw Hill on the use of BIM in the construction industry in South Korea. In the same year, NBS(National Building Specification) too launched the National BIM Library.

The benefits accrued from BIM throughout the life process of the building actually outweigh the costs incurred on it. So, another name for BIM is ”benefit” — for your clients and your business.

In India, BIM is also known as VDC(Virtual Design and Construction).BIM is already in use here and has resulted inĀ  state-of-art construction projects.

Some know BIM as VBE (Virtual Building Environment).It is closely associated to IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) as there is early participation of project teams for sharing of information. Needless to say, BIM is the ideal vehicle for architects and engineers to steer ahead towards the road to success.