The Process of Evaluating 3D Floor Plan

Posted by: Admin | Posted on: December 18th, 2012

If you have certain future plans of buying or constructing a new home, then you have to consider some very useful tips in order to make a good choice. As you are investing a major part of your hard earned money for your home, a detailed research is very much required to have a better experience.

Being knowledgeable about the different issues during home buying will not only help you become more confident but also will save a substantial amount of money. This particular guide aims at lessening your stress related to evaluating the 3D floor plans and choosing a perfect home.

Tips to Consider Before Choosing the Floor Plan

Before choosing the floor plans, you have to decide as what you actually need. Choosing a perfect floor plan lets you have more space for outdoor activities and will also help you save much on heating, cooling and lighting. Your first consideration should be the space. You have to decide as how many bedrooms you need in your home and of what sizes. In addition to this, decide the size of your dining, kitchen, guest room, library etc. Now that you have decided as how many rooms your home will accommodate, it’s time to organize the rooms in the different directions.

In choosing the floor plans, another important thing to consider is the traffic pattern of the house. Decide as which room will lead to which room. In that way, you can make a proper traffic flow pattern according to your choices and preferences.

Advantages of 3D Floor Plan Software

Now days; with the advancement in the architectural engineering technology, designing and choosing a floor plan has become relatively easy. A wide number of efficient computer software have been developed which creates the floor plans with the perfect accuracy and in the minimum amount of time. With 3D floor plan software, it is being possible to create a customized home design. Engineers are being able to incorporate site information and lot boundaries into the designs. You can design home with different floor levels, can choose from a variety of landing styles, can add landscaping, balconies, fences and driveways to your home designs and can create a visual walkthrough of your three dimensional home model.

3D Floor Plan Methodology

The method of creating effective 3D floor plan can be categorized into three distinctive stages such as floor plan vectorization, floor plan modeling and 3D creation.
Floor plan vectorization: In this first stage, the digitized floor plans are converted into the vectored format. The scale is automatically detected, which helps in a significant reduction of the mistakes. An automatic detection process for the doors and windows is also executed in this stage.

Floor plan modeling: In the modeling phase, the user can define the type of floors, ceilings, walls. Connections between each floor are created and, various interior and exterior objects are being placed. This phase comprises of texture extraction, color extraction, roof generation, placement of light sources and creation of outdoor environment too.

3D Creation: After the modeling phase is over, the floor plans and all the 2D represented objects are converted into the three dimensional models.