Review of Solid Edge

Posted by: Admin | Posted on: November 16th, 2012

Solid Edge is a 3D CAD modelling software, which is used to create and manage the digital prototypes in the three dimensional form. It is one of the leading mechanical design systems that help the CAD engineers in exploring the various design management possibilities by the help of the CAD tools.

Solid Edge is product lifecycle management software. This software helps in managing the entire manufacturing lifecycle of the project right from the start to the end very efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. In this way, the software helps in maximizing the productivity of the businesses and also helps in providing flexible solutions for the variable needs of the market.

Reviews for Solid Edge ST5

Solid Edge ST5 is the latest version of the software being available in the market and is comprised of more advanced features and enhancements.

Synchronous modelling technology: The latest version is equipped with the modern synchronous modeling technology by the help of which, it is possible to merge the imported assemblies into a single part so as to represent the components in a better way. By this technology, the imported 2D and 3D data can be reused effectively.

The Femap technology: With the help of the Femap technology embedded in Solid Edge ST5, it is being possible to analyse the thermal effects on the mechanical assemblies. In this way, the process of developing physical prototypes can be simplified.

Faster drawing creation: Solid Edge ST5 is provided with improved parts lists and dimension display control, which helps in a faster creation of drawings.

The Solid Edge Mobile Viewer: This is an added attraction to the new Solid Edge product. The Mobile Viewer is a free iPad application which enables us to view the parts and assemblies in the iPad portable device. It can also be used to show the assembly components and to create images.

Digital Prototyping: Engineers are being able to perform complete digital prototyping with the help of this software. It is possible to design the assemblies with different types of components such as machined and cast components. With the help of the prototyping technique, the products are showcased as real life designs by implementing the photorealistic rendering and animation methods.

From the press reports, it is being evident that customers are getting practical benefits from the new features of Solid Edge ST5 such as the synchronous technology. This technology has provided multi-body design capabilities to the engineers and the designers, and helped them in effectively reducing the design time.

Solid Edge ST5, with its above unique features proves to be very beneficial for the industry in the following ways:

  • The software helps in efficiently communicating the various design alternatives between the designers and the engineers.
  • The simulation tools present in Solid Edge helps in automating the design creation of some standard components and thereby helps in reducing the associated time and costs.
  • The software contains effective display management tools, which helps in the opening of the complex designs in a faster way.
  • Solid Edge contains industry standard symbols, which helps in the prompt creation of the layouts and schematics.