Enhanced Functionalities in AutoCAD 2013

Posted by: Admin | Posted on: December 25th, 2012

AutoCAD is one of the world’s premier 2D and 3D design software used in a wide range of engineering fields and applications. Developed by prestigious Autodesk Corporation, the software is one of the most preferred choices of engineers, designers and drafters because of its easy to use interface and the powerful tools it has.

The AutoCAD software streamlines the project design and documentation processes in a highly effective manner. AutoCAD 2013 is the latest version of the software developed by Autodesk with some enhanced features and functionalities. With the new tools incorporated in AutoCAD 2013, it is being possible to convert new design ideas into practical designs easily and to develop world class structures and products.

What’s new in AutoCAD 2013?

•    Command Line Enhancements: The command line interface has significantly been reformed in the AutoCAD 2013.  The new interface will include color and transparency and offers increased flexibility to assess the recent commands, and to display the history. The command line can now be docked at the top or at the bottom of the window. It can also be allowed to float to maximize the drawing area.

•    Access to new online tools: The AutoCAD 2013 comes with the new Autodesk 360 tool which opens all the Autodesk 360 documents of the user in a separate browser. The online options also let the user monitor their online storage capacity. Users can also interact with the cloud documents using the Online Options.

•    Offset Preview: In the AutoCAD 2013, when the user uses the Offset command, a preview of the result is displayed automatically. Similarly, while the user assesses the Through option, the resulting object is displayed.

•    Model Documentation tools: The enhanced model documentation tools can be found out on the new layout tab. The tools are used to create and manage the layouts and views of the drawings.

•    Point Cloud Support: The point cloud tools are present in the Point Cloud panel. A new Point Cloud toolbar is also provided in AutoCAD 2013. The Point cloud indexing property is also enhanced so as to provide the users a flexible and effective workflow.

•    Hatch Editor: The Hatch Editor now makes it relatively easy for the users to edit multiple hatch objects in a much easier and faster way. Users can also select multiple hatch objects by using the command line version of the Hatch Editor i.e. HATCHEDIT.

•    Cloud Connectivity: In AutoCAD 2013, users can avail a wide range of connectivity options by creating an Autodesk account. Users can choose the option to automatically
store the encrypted copies of their local designs data in their Autodesk 360 account, each time they save the documents.

AutoCAD 2013 acts as a wonderful tool for three dimensional rendering. The software is used to convert the models into highly interactive 3D renderings. The Raster to Vector conversion tools let the users to convert the designs into DWG vector files efficiently. Moreover, images can be converted from non-bitonal to bitonal, and polylines can be created easily. The Autodesk Apps are also an exciting part of the whole new version, which helps the users in enhancing their productivity.