Engineering Services Outsourcing

Posted by: Admin | Posted on: January 30th, 2013

The recent trend in most organisations and the wave of future lies in outsourcing engineering services. It commenced with data-processing industry and has now found place in other areas including telemessaging, call centres and even engineering services.

WHAT IS OUTSOURCING – When a Company delegates it’s day to day operations or business process to an external service provider, it is termed as outsourcing.
When such outsourcing is done to firms in foreign countries it is referred to as offshore outsourcing or off shoring.

ENGINEERING SERVICES OUTSOURCING (ESO) – Companies sometimes buy goods or services instead of producing or providing them in-house. So, the internal company functions are handled by an outside firm which is paid adequately. This saves money, guarantees specialized and good quality work and gives company resources the freedom to focus on core activities. It is much like giving a contract to a third party.

WHAT TYPE OF SERVICES ARE OUTSOURCED – Most of the engineering outsourcing services are related to design and support services which are essential for the functioning of every industry connected to engineering services.

Technical expertise in mechanical engineering, architectural engineering, civil engineering, structural engineering design is obtained by architects and engineers who are adept at using latest software and technology. Thus, outsourcing meets all engineering requirements and delivers quality services. Engineering services such as 2D and 3D drafting, CAD engineering drawings, Product engineering, Architectural Drafting and Design, 3D Architectural Animation, Landscape Design and Drafting, Construction Design Retrofitting and Rehabilitation of structures etc. are some of the many engineering services outsourced.


  •      Time and cost are saved.
  •      Access to experienced and professionally trained engineers.
  •      Advantage of domain expertise in exactly the required area.
  •      Better results due to compliance to Six Sigma Quality Processes.
  •      Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
  •      Access to latest computing facilities and also engineering software tools.
  •      Opportunity to stay at par with competitors.
  •       Reduction in the cost of human resource helps to deliver products to end customer at an  affordable price.
  •      More innovative engineering solutions can be accessed.

CONCLUSION – Lately, the Western engineering industry is going through a steady decline in human resource. So, engineering companies across America and Europe are trying hard for survival. Many engineering companies are experiencing decline in sales graph. Survival for such companies lies in outsourcing.

There is dearth of engineers in the West, exorbitant salaries have to be paid to regular employees and the staff has to be trained regularly to update them with latest developments in their respective fields. Today, India is being viewed as a lucrative off shore destination and is attracting engineering firms from USA, UK, and Australia.

Outsourcing is, no doubt, a one stop solution for engineering companies and   ensures the advantage of an entire team looking into your company’s affairs with utmost dedication.