AutoCAD Fundamentals – Things To Know

Posted by: Admin | Posted on: December 31st, 2012

There are lots of tools available today to develop an effective architectural sketch. Civil 3D is certainly one of the tools, which makes this task easy for Civil Engineers. What, with all of its settings and styles, external databases and tabs, people might often forget about the fundamental elements of both Map and AutoCAD that live within civil 3D. It raises our next AutoCAD tidbit.

Not only for comfort in your practice, but it’s required to know AutoCAD when you are looking for a good job in construction and development industry. A good command over these tools will provide you high salary and job security.

AutoCAD comes with a thousand of rich features, which make this tool more effective and efficient to use. To match up the level and competency, today most of the architectural or engineering companies have introduced the latest AutoCAD software. It is definitely interesting to move on with the current industry trend.

To make the most of it, you have to utilize the incredible tools and features of this design software properly. Does it seem overwhelming? It might seem so in the beginning; but once you are proficient with all AutoCAD Fundamentals, you are going to enjoy using the advanced features of this software.

Pull Down Menus

At the top of the AutoCAD program, there are various menus like Draw, Edit, Modify and so on. To launch the AutoCAD commands, you can use them. Once you are habituated with the program, you might want to issue commands while using the command prompt and toolbars. Learning pull down menu will help you work faster with this tool.

Identifying the Points

For a novice, it’s quite apparent that you may face trouble with the tools, especially when you enter the points in AutoCAD. Here are a few steps you need to follow:

  • Type them (3,4)
  • Select them with your mouse
  • Use Object Snaps to pick up points on existing geometry (keep holding shift key and right click on mouse to see Osnap menu).

When creating better drawings, these features can help you save hundreds of hours.

Copying the Diagram – Smart Work

In the beginning, you might end up spending a lot of time in drawing a sketch. A good thing is that you will not have to draw the same thing again in the future. To create named geometry that you can use repeatedly, you should learn about BLOCK and WBLOCK commands. To put the geometry in your drawing for editing, you can use DESIGN CENTER or INSERT and EXPLODE commands.

Model Space or Paper Space

With these features, you can draw full scale objects and also choose a layout. You can also create scaled sketches in Layouts.

Organizing all files that you create in AutoCAD is also very important. It makes easy access to the files. Hence, make sure you sort out all files properly on your network or hard disk. Utilizing external reference enables multiple people work together on the same project.

You drawings involve your hard work of many hours, so don’t let go in any worst case. Make sure your work is being backed up, so that you can get it back in case of drawing files get lost of corrupted.

I hope that these AutoCAD Fundamentals will help you get started with the software. You can also watch online tutorial and get a better idea of the software.